Monday, September 9, 2019


   Sub: Chemical Water Proof Treatment of R.C.C. & R.B.C. Roof for prevention of Water Seepage and Leakage.

Greetings from Mitra Roof Treatment Centre !!!
This is for your kind information that if you face any problem in controlling the water seepage and leakage and in dilemma, please contact at our office. As we are specialist for the purpose.

To aware you, we would like to inform that for last Thirty Nine years, we are using the EVER-SEAL magic compound as cheapest waterproofing chemical in different types of roof where from the seepage and leakage are uncontrollable and much costly.

This magic compound is the mixture of some important chemicals, appropriate and balanced composition of mineral based Hydro-carbon and Non-crystalline wax and Polymers, possess a tremendous strength of resistance for physical wearing and chemical decomposition.

In any type of roof i.e. R.C.C., R.B.C. & Lime-treasing etc. the compound has given an extraordinary result by penetrating in the Micro-holes and the cracks, responsible for the water seepage and leakage and for its absorption nature. This compound does not allow the entrance of water within the gap of the cracks from the outside surface. Moreover, rooms become safe for Ten years from such a headache and worst hazards. The EVER-SEAL keeps the rooms balanced under normal temperature reducing the excess heat of the ceiling. Thus in short, you will be enjoying four vital advantages without bearing any extra cost thereof.

1.       Water seepage / leakage will permanently stop from R.C.C. & R.B.C. roof i.e. waterproof.
2.       In summer, it reduces the room temperature and will keep the heated roof cool.
3.       Most economical in a R.C.C & R.B.C. roof waterproofing.
4.       No load on the roof.

In the circumstances, please feel free for your enquiry from us and place worthy work-orders to us as we are providing best cost effective waterproofing service. Please note that, this treatment holds written guarantee for ten years. By guarantee we mean, if any time within the guarantee period there is any complaint of seepage or leakage from any part of the roof, MRTC will carry out supplementary treatment free of cost what so ever.
Honesty, Sincerity and goodwill with worthy services are our MOTTO and Business capital.
We are looking forward to hear back from you.

Thanking you.

Sushil Kr. Mitra, B.E. Civil Engineer (JU)
Managing Director
Mitra Roof Treatment Centre
252/B, Upen Banarjee Road (oppo. Webel Gate)
Kolkata: 700060
Ph: 033-2401-9888/0860/ 9903295392

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