Monday, March 16, 2020

Make the best decision for your roof and home

MRTC was established on 1980 in Kolkata serving for chemical waterproof treatment of R.C.C. & R.B.C. roof for prevention of water seepage and leakage. During our journey over these long years in this service, according to the market analysis reports it is observed that the existing waterproofing treatments are suffering from various aspects of efficiency, durability and reliability. As a result demand for a reliable roof waterproofing treatment for water leakage as well as moisture and leakage proofing treatment is being constantly felt. EVER-SEAL is a new generation waterproofing system. It is an appropriate and balanced composition of mineral based Hydro-carbon, Non-Crystalline Waxes and Polymers having very low pour points.
    In any type of roof i.e. R.C.C., R.B.C. & Lime-treasing etc. the compound has given an extraordinary result by penetrating in the Micro-holes and the cracks, responsible for the seepage and leakage and for its absorption nature.
In short, you will be enjoying four vital advantages of waterproofing service without bearing any extra cost thereof.
  1. Water seepage / leakage will permanently stop from R.C.C. & R.B.C. roof i.e. water-proof.
  2. In summer, it reduces the room temperature and will keep the heated roof cool.
  3. Most economical in a R.C.C & R.B.C. roof water-proof.
  4. No load on the roof.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

EverSeal COOL is prepared to use as chemical rooftop Coolant, when applied on the roofing materials, reflects daylight to a most extreme degree and hinders the roofing materials from getting warmed up, even in hot summer afternoons.
Since it acts on the rule of persistent dismissal of UV and IR Rays, the rooftop itself isn't getting warmed up. As a result the air beneath the rooftop never gets hot, keeping the rooms cool and pleasant.

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