Monday, August 12, 2019

Welcome @ MRTC

Dear Customers,
It is an honour and privilege for me to welcome at Mitra Roof Treatment Centre. It is my pleasure to inform you that MRTC was established on 1980 in Kolkata serving for chemical water proof treatment of R.C.C. & R.B.C. roof for prevention of water seepage and leakage. During our journey over these long years in this service, according to the market analysis reports it is observed that the existing waterproofing treatments are suffering from various aspects of efficiency, durability and reliability. As a result demand for a reliable waterproofing as well as moisture and leakage proofing treatment is being constantly felt. EVER SEAL is a new generation waterproofing system. It is an appropriate and balanced composition of mineral based Hydro-carbon, Non-Crystalline Waxes and Polymers having very low pour points.  
This is for your kind information that if you face any problem in controlling the water seepage and leakage and in dilemma, please contact at our office. As we are specialist for the purpose. In the circumstances, please feel free for your enquiry from us and place worthy work-orders to us. Please note that, this treatment holds written guarantee for ten years. By guarantee we mean, if any time within the guarantee period there is any complaint of seepage or leakage from any part of the roof, MRTC will carry out supplementary treatment free of cost what so ever.
Honesty, Sincerity and goodwill with worthy services are our MOTTO and Business capital.
We are looking forward to hear back from you.

Thanking you.

Sushil Kr. Mitra, B.E. Civil Engineer (JU)
Managing Director
Mitra Roof Treatment Centre
252/B, Upen Banarjee Road (oppo. Webel Gate)
Kolkata: 700060

Ph: 033-2401-9888/0860/ 9903295392

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